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The trust of five: part two

— feeling amazing

I love the story and was pleasantly suprised to find the second book so quickly.

In this book you learn more about the writers creative world and you get some needed background. I like how the information was given in a way that wasn't boring.

It also has ( mostly) subtle reverences to the first book.

I'm eagerly waiting for part three ^^.

Bound to be: Lyn Forester

The story features a menage.

I enjoyed reading the book after a ( for me) slow start and a little confusing of who will be the romantic involvement. The main character is easily to relate with especially if you've ever been in love onesided. What I liked the most is how realistic it is romantically speaking ( It is a fanatsy ^^). It also had a suprising ending.


Heart of five: L.A. Kirk

the beginning is good and makes you curious of what is next,

but it finished to quickly to really get you into the story.

At the end I was looking for the rest of the book before understanding that it is done.    

I will be looking out for the next installment because I want to know more about the 5 cuties in the series ^^.

souja guild foreseen : AJ Anders

Second book in the souja guild series. I got a Copy from covey arc in exchange for a honest review.


The story doesn't have the rushed feeling of the first book and starts where the other left.

You do have one shift in time that's a little confusing.

In this book you get a lot of information I was wondering about in the first. You see the world expanding when you read the story, which in my opinion takes a lot of skill in a writer.


All in all I love the story and the characters and will be waiting for more.

AJ Anders: precursor ( suoja guild book 1)

the book is good but a times a little rushed. The story is good written and also easy to understand. the only thing a was a little sad about was the length of the book and it's abrupt ending. 

The boys are all hunk worthy material and the heroine has a strong character.

it is a dystopian kind of book which I most of the time avoid but I did like this one.


it's a good book full of adventure, romance and fantasy. It is a reverse harem book.


lyn forester: you to me (tail + horns book 1)

I loved the story and how it's easy to read even for someone like me who's first language isn't english.

The main couple is so cute it makes you wish for a partner like that.

The book is a good introduction to the beginning of a serie and reads with an easy flow.

It's not for anyone to read because it features an same sex couple so if that bothers you don't read. But for those who don't care about that it's a good story for an evening on your couch with a hot drink.